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Ode to Shaper Marcello Carneiro

Ode to Shaper Marcello Carneiro



Marcello has a degree in Physical Education and Postgraduate in Sports Training and Exercise Physiology. Santos surfer since 9 years and shaper from 17 today to 42—a lot of experience as a professional shaper .

During his 25-year career as a shaper, he studied with Silvio Zampol and Almir Salazar. Thorough and careful in their work, always striving for perfection in the drawings and measurements, but also in the creation of bold lines.

Marcello is one of the shapers of mega factory New Advance, there had opportunity to ” shapear ” to Picuruta and Leco Salazar , and many others who passed through there .

More here:

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta

Peru lives in the basque country (San Sebastian, North Spain). He has been surfing longboards since about 10 years ago, when he returned to the surf (abandoned for several years). And he has always found the Mini Simmons interesting, but hasen’t gotten a chance to test one.

There is also another circumstance: He had some fiber glass and polyester surplus from another past project, so this summer he decided to build his own Simmons.

The idea was to do something fast, with surplus or waste materials: a kind of ‘trashy simmons’ (board decorated in the same idea, attempt to seem a Koi Carp in five minutes).

As he didn’t have a blank foam, he used cheap 5mm wood. So he took the board template, and simplified it, leaving only the top and bottom lids and three longitudinal dividing walls.

To form the edges, he used wasted surf foam that had to plaster to close the holes. Now he is finally glassing it, and -you know- can’t wait to try it. It was born to be his favorite, for all its faults 🙂

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta IMG_8260 IMG_8266 IMG_8289 IMG_8314 IMG_8320 IMG_8322 IMG_8330 IMG_8382 IMG_8391 IMG_8401


Show And Tell Shaper Juan Ma Bernal

Show And Tell Shaper Juan Ma Bernal

Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

My model is a 5.3 “. 22 7/16. 2 3/4
with rails 50/50. tail diamonds and mild concave between the fins.

Who inspires you?

I read the story of bob simmons, and also Mr. Bugges.
but my surfing I switch to see tyler warren surfing, so fluides, that is the reality.

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

So passionate about their stability, fluidity of the turns, ease of catching waves, and well I am passionate about being true to what I do retro wooden keels hand around a traditional process, that’s what excites me more.

If you shaped your own board – Shaper Juan?

make a mini simmon is all a ceremony for me, because it is outside the normal parameters of a conventional table, both measures rail cuts, rockers, placement of keels everything in general

Where can we see more or follow future shapes?

Now the range is very wide, I’ll keep evolving as far as I am able, I will continue testing and experimenting in this type of shortboard.


Juan Ma Bernal

Show us your board

show1 show2 show3 show4 show6

Show & Tell Shaper Frank

Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

I meet Joe Alphabet that is what they call him. Well, he needed unloading some Balsa wood boards which He had 6 or 7 ft Bob Simmons board. He had it in storage for 30 years and it was his first time showing it… I was amazed…. I was next door showing off my collection but everyone wanted to see the Bob Simmons board….. Some people didn’t know who he was and Joe Talked story about Velzy and Simmons… I had a great day….. Learned alot…..

My camera Battery were dead, but if anyone took picture of the event please look for the Bob Simmons board…….

Big Frank
Downey, ca 1-562-896-9546

Who inspires you?

Joe Alphabet is our national treasure love this man…. Thanks again Everyone, we need to interview him more, Lets get some Media guy do a documentry.. He goes to Austriallia and knew all the legends in shaping and surfers….. Great man….

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

The square taill

If you shaped your own board

I have been taking longboards that were broken and shaped them like mini simmons and staying with in 5’10 and 3 3/4 thick for float…Ferreri boards.. My glasser would  do the glassing working work. Everytime I take them out, I have  someone wanting to buy it. I have sold three sold far, but I ride and next thing I have offers for the boards.. Well, I do this for a hobbie not for the money….. Still  learning planning on buying an infinity tombstone today and learning more about the shape…. Well, still learning..

Where can we see more or follow future shapes?

I will be building some new boards which at HB woody and Longboard show, I meet rep from U.S. blanks which I plan on buying their planks and start modifieying my ideas…. or email me when next project is done. Frank Martinez or 1-562-896-9546

What blank did you use?

Broken longboard surfboards.
9 ft Becker
9 ft stick man
9 ft infinity
Now, I will start using U.S. blanks in Gardena for next projects.

Where you at?

Downey Ca
I love living here, I have been here since 1972. My Dad like HB because back in the day there wasn’t to many people due to oil wells which Longbeach had to many people.. Well, as I became older he would say, “were you guys good this week?” If, yes we go to HB if not we go to longbeach.. Man did we learn to shape up… HB has always had waves……..





Show & Tell Shaper Kyle

Tell us about your Mini Simmons

Self shaped and glassed mini.  Super deep double concave down the center with extra channels out the back. I get the weirdest looks when riding it but this thing screams down the line and holds like nobody’s business. It’s pure blank with two layers of 4oz. On each side And epoxy resin. Also attempted my first epoxy resin pin line…..blah. First epoxy board as well so the quality definitely has room for improvement. Well in the end the ride is all that matters and this thing rides like a stick of butter down scorching metal half pipe. Excuse all the pics but it’s hard to show the ridiculous bottom contours in just one photo. Dimensions are 5’6″ x 22 1/2″ x 2 3/4″.

If you shaped your own board- Shaper Kyle?

It’s only the third board I’ve shaped and my first.


Kyle West Fall

Show us your board

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7



Show & Tell Shaper Paul

Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

Hey cheers for the invite to chat about my Simmons that i shaped under my logo of VEPO SURFBORDS @Facebook .I live in Guernsey channel islands and we get ok waves but sometimes lack power n push so shaped my 1st mini about 6 years ago and that was that ! I cant stop using it ” be it 2ft or 6/8ft .the board is 5,7, 22, 2 1/2 full Carbon wrap but i glassed using poly resin as didn’t want it a feel stiff . it paddles so so well around the line up . when I catch a wave its 1 pump and it just goes to overdrive having the slight roll in the nose chest area just gives you lift n speed then when you want to burn speed off adjust your feet sink that edge and it turns on a dime

Who inspires you?

Ryan Burch for radness , seeing him rip Mundaka apart on hes asymmetrical antic’s is mind blowing , My Mum is a sick cook and gran

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

The sassiness of it and the ability of the design to hold its ground when things go well over head

If you shaped your own board – Shaper Paul?

since shaping my 1st simms at 5,7 23,3 found it a little corky so just refined it down in volume , you see lots of variants of the simms , I do like what Mandala are doing but not sure on the quad vibe , suppose im a purest and like a glass on . the fins I make , i get 1/2 ” window cut outs from a boat building mate and foil the down to 7.5 x 5.5 and 1/4 “thickness foiled out so have flex

Where can we see more or follow future shapes?


paul machon


Show us your board

dscn1026 dscn1180 dscn1188 dscn1192 dscn1196

Ode To Shaper Grant Newby

Ode To Shaper Grant Newby. Grant has  been building Mini Simmons for 8 years since Ian Zamora brought the first Mini Simmons to Australia in 2007 to the Alley Fish Fry that I used to run for 7 years down here.

mini simmons surfboards

mini simmon Grant Newby

I love my surfing and to be able to spend my time at the beach, out among the waves is one of lifes true pleasures. To now be building boards of my own to ride is such a great experience for me. I love to feel what the wave is doing , what the board is doing and being able to design boards that bring the whole experience together.

More on Grant here:

Show & Tell Shaper Doug 5’10” x 23″ x3″

Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

I got my first Mini-Simmons from Ian Zamora. 5’10” x 23″ x3″. I am around 5′ 9″ and 215 lbs. board was amazing! The more I rode it, the more I wondered if I could get away with less volume. Decided to try to shape 1 myself. Changed the outline a bit. Moved the wide point, adjusted the curve a bit. Went 5’8″ x 22″ x 3″.

I like it even more! It’s not a real mini-Simmons. Flat bottom, swallow tail and quad set up, but I really like it. Going to make more and experiment with design.

Who inspires you?

Tyler Hatzikisn, Lance Carson, Jeff Biggs, Phil Edwards, Buttons, Rasta

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

I am a bigger guy and enjoy being able to ride a shorter board. It paddles well, catches waves easy, and is really responsive. Helps an old guy like me compete in the line up on a short board with the younger generation.

If you shaped your own board – Shaper Doug?

I was inspired by the Zamora I was riding so I tried to keep it close with few changes. It was hard to find the right curves with my existing templates. I just tried to keep it simple. It was a lot of fun and came out pretty good.

Where can we see more or follow future shapes?

Somers Surfboards on Facebook. Or El Porto.


Doug Somers

Show us your board

image4image image1 image2 image3

Show & Tell Shaper- Javier

Show & Tell Shaper- Javier

Tell us about your Mini Simmons

I researched the whole planning hull idea since a while back and it had been impossible for me to get something along those lines.

I had ridden a twin keel fish and really enjoyed it but I felt it was missing something or something was not right.

The whole bottom contour and rail types became my new interest me and spent a couple years trying to get one.

Then I stumbled onto Wave Tribe page and further read more and found that this new mini Simmons board I found exactly what I had been looking for. It is a 5’5″ Mini Simmons shaped by Valaric Surfboards. Low rocker, hull entry to V out the back with two wooden keels and 60/40 rails and a small step deck.

The board rides real fast and holds all the way up to 6 foot down the line point break surf.

Been getting barreled in the fast sections because of its speed making them real easy as well as riding the nose and doing cutbacks. It has become my favorite board for sure.

I recently also purchased a Tomo Vader and am going to give that a shot when I need a more high performance board. I am attaching a couple pictures of the board and me riding it.

Good vibes from El Salvador brother keep riding Minis!


Javier Suarez


Show us your board

IMG_2523 IMG_2526 IMG_2527


Show & Tell Shaper Dan

Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

First, this is 100% scratch built from 5 mm ply and 1/4″ Western Cedar planks, along with Balsa for additional internal supports. Each is hand cut and fitted using hand tools when possible. Working with wood is not a quick and profitable way to make surfboards, but is much more enjoyable than hacking through foam blanks and much quieter.

I love Simmons shape. After all the years of different board designs the Simmons still works. To me, they just look fun.

Who inspires you?

Inspiration…something old and with craftsmanship that is from someone’s hands. A gift of nature, from Tree to Sea kind of thing. It is about hand crafting that will live long after I am gone. It will not yellow with age, not be tossed around like an old foamy. It is surfable art.

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

How the planing hull is so simple and so effective. The challenge is to get the rails to work in such a short distance.

If you shaped your own board – Shaper Dan?

Working with wood is hard to explain. First one needs good tools that are razor sharp. There is no sound like a Jack plane cutting  wood curls. Unlike foam that you will know what the board looks like before it is glassed, with wood it gets better after each sanding from 80 grit up to 220. Then the first fill coat, the wood starts to show. Glass adds more depth to each piece of wood planking. Another fill coat then gloss coat and the wood if finished. Amazing what you didn’t see in the beginning and yet shows at the end.

Where can we see more or follow future shapes?

You can follow my work at: www.BlindDogSurfboards, And yes, there was a blind dog, Spanky. The most happy dog who never realized he was blind. 🙂


Dan Johnston


Show us your board

photo64 photo611 photo681 photo691 photo751

Ode to Surfboard Shaper Gary Young

g-young-mini“Brah, no surf ’em, hang ’em on the wall.”

That’s what some people say about wood surfboards. Gary Young has a different perspective.

Gary knows more than a few things about eco surfboard technology, he started vacuum bag/epoxy laminating wood veneer into compound curved surfboard skins in 1976 and eventually evolved to bamboo construction in the mid 1990s.

Gary Young could quite possibly be the Godfather of eco board technology. Born and raised in Southern California, Gary Young has shaped boards for some of the greats, from Sunny Garcia to Nat Young. We recently caught up with him to discuss his eco journey that began in 1976.

DD: Can you tell us a little about how your eco joinery began?

Gary Young: I had an epiphany in 1973 during the oil crisis while sitting in line to buy gas and I thought to myself if we’re gonna run out of oil soon, maybe we need to start looking at ways to do things that use less resources, can be replenished by nature, and do less harm to the environment.

DD: It was soon after this that you started to work with wood and it seems many followed your lead.

Gary Young: In 1980 people considered me the wood veneer guy this was before Surftech had wood veneer boards made in Thailand. It was there first success, still touted on their website. I created bamboo surfboards over 15 years ago. Surftech, Rusty, Naish and Firewire are the ‘bamboo green guys’ and yet they use bamboo only as a cosmetic surrounded by fiberglass. People still do not get the message that natural fiber composites can be superior in wright, durability, performance and cost to polyester fiberglass surfboards.

DD: In your opinion, what is a green board?

Gary Young: If fiberglass is used, a board is not green, scrap fiberglass is inert and takes up space in the landfills and sanding dust is not good for breathing organisms. Using high amounts of resin is not green, hand laminated fiberglass can use twice the resin as vacuum bagged wood or bamboo. Obviously if a board uses polyester resin, it is not green. [See DEEP article on bio resin for more info.]

DD: What do you think about polyurethane foam blanks which are the industry standard?

Gary Young: Nasty chemistry, fumes, waste, non-recyclable and lack of durability top the list of negatives for urethane foam blanks. Extruded polystyrene foam has clear advantages, without the water absorption of expanded polystyrene. Durability and repair ability are important aspects of a green board, the longer a board can be surfed and repaired, without loosing performance (including adding weight), the more green it is.

DD: Why bamboo?

Gary Young: It became obvious that you just don’t get any more renewable than bamboo, and it also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber I’ve ever worked with. I really believe bamboo can contribute to a solution for the planet.

DD: Why aren’t eco surfboards more mainstream?

Gary Young: Most people have a retarded view of the economy. People purchase surfboards based on who their surf hero is, or which label most impresses them, they are influence by their peers and advertising. They don’t realize that low cost disposable boards are actually more expensive in the long run because they are fragile.

Some say, “Brah, no surf ’em, hang ’em on the wall.” There is a historical view that wood boards are heavy (chambered and can absorb water) or fragile (because they are covered with fiberglass).

It blows my mind, most surfers aspire to drive a nice new car, live in a beautiful place, have a ‘hot’ relationship and yet in one of the most rewarding activitiss we do as humans—surf—they choose to use fragile plastic polluting piece of shit to surf on (and pay extra for airbrush art).

DD: Are their any performance issues with wood surfboards?

Gary Young: Riders of Wooden Classic Hawaii tell me that the flex of lighter wood boards feels really good, they flex then drive or carry speed out of turns. They also dampen vibration at high speeds and seem to feel better than epoxy surfboards. Another comments I hear is that they float and paddle well.

I say, if you can have a wood surfboard without the weight, you’ve got a better board.

DD: Thanks for the interview Gary, stoked on what you do and I am thankful for the eco vision that you have held for all these decades and I hope that the eco seeds that you have spread will one day take root in the consciousness of surfing and eco board building.


SUBX Triplane Hull

subx-bottom-med-b subx-deck-med-bSUBX Triplane Hull, incorporating some aspects of the Simmons bottom shape. Beginning with a fairly heavy roll in the nose to ensure there is no rail catching when coming off the top, we fade into flat and then into a deep single concave. This morphs into a deep double concave with a spiral vee at the tail.

The concave promote lift and speed and in tandem with the rocker are the real engine room of the SUBX, crucial ingredients in a board designed for small often gutless surf. The board can be surfed either off the front foot for longer reaching turns, or from the tail for shorter arcs. When you move forward on the board it really takes off in an unexpected rush with speed which blows you away. At times this feels like a supercharger at work.

Rails are reasonably refined through the centre to enable deep turns with appropriate penetration in good waves. Although the SUBX was conceived for small surf with little power, the rails are also designed for high performance in decent surf and so greatly increase the board’s versatility. Nose and tail rail foils are very deliberately chunky for maximum float in marginal conditions. The bottom edge of the rails is very forgiving in the nose, with a little more edge through centre and then super hard in the tail for bite and holding power.

See more at Grant Miller Surfboards.

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