Shape Your Own Mini Simmons Surfboard

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So, you want to shape your own Mini Simmons surfboard?

Awesome, you have come to the right place.

The first thing I recommend is to get educated on the Mini Simmons design, the first place to start is with KEEL NATION a book we put together to help you get started with Mini Simmons surfboard design.

Next, if you want to dig into the Mini Simmons history and read John Elwell’s detailed study of the contributions Bob Simmons made click here.

Not satisfied and want to dig even deeper?

Check out the book that inspired Bob Simmons hull design Navel Architecture of Planing Hulls.

Want to skip straight to the design—let’s get started.

You can either sketch the design out by hand or you can use some computer assisted software to come up with a sick mini simmons shape.

Go here to find out how to download and install the AKU software (Dude, it’s free!)

And if you need a Mini Simmons template file to get you started just fill out the form below and we’ll send you a free AKU Mini Simmons template (we’ll send the AKU file via email and you can download and open with the AKU software).

Get A Template To Shape Your You Own Mini Simmons Surfboard

Once you design your Mini Simmons template you need to grab a Mini Simmons surfboard blank, check our blank recommendation list.

Another option is to send you design file to an AKU machine shop (find a  AKU shaping shop near you). This is a good way to do your first Mini Simmons if you have never shaped before. Basically you’ll just have to finish the rails and do some light sanding.

Ok, now that you have your template (or machined blank) we are ready to either finish the shape or get busy shaping.

You might want to review our various shaping videos and posts on shaping before getting stated, they will give you a good base and help you fine tune your new shape. Here are some of the top posts:

We got all kinds of resources on this site to help you shape an awesome Mini Simmons. Click around but here are a few to help you get stated:

We understand ho important fins are on the Mini Simmons so we also put together fin resources for you:

Once you get the shape done and you are ready to choose and place your fins please see our fin resources.

Don’t miss our six minute instructional video on the absolute right way to Mini Simmons fin placement.

Now that your shape is ready to be glassed you can read about our recommended eco glassing options.

Please send us a picture of your board once you have completed it or fill out our interview form to share your inspiration and experience with other Mini Simmons Shapers.

The following is the MSS board template that we will send you for free when you fill out the form below.

Oh, and are you still doubting if you’d like one of these boards? Well, just check out a few of this surfing posts, you’ll change your mind for sure:

more surfing video here


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