Newly updated and expanded in edition.

Keel Nation II is an 140 page shapers guide to the Mini Simmons surfboard with photos, diagrams, links and shaping instructions.

Derek explores the history and the mystery of this unique shape. The new expanded edition has lots of new shapes and information not previously released

Keel Nation is a Mini Simmons eBook written from my past 15 years of passion, study and shaping of the Mini Simmons Surfboard.

Read about this fascinating shape and learn why and how to shape and ride a Mini Simmons from a shaper and lifelong surfer.

You’ll also get access into a private Facebook group of Mini Simmons shapers and surfers.The book includes:

  • Historical Boards Roots
  • Design & Shaping Tips
  • Blanks & Hull Design
  • Rail Advice
  • Fin Talk
  • Twinzer Mini Simmons
  • Tail Shaping Advice
  • Resin Talk Bio Resin Options
  • Links To Mini Shapers
  • Actual Keel Cut-out
  • Template Links
  • AKU Shaping Downloads
  • 138 Page eBook

Download your copy today!

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  • Hi,
    just ordered and downloaded the pdf. great peace.
    Only thing is, the download links don’t work… What am I missing (I can’t click them..)

    thank you!

  • Thanks for the update bro, we fixed it and sent you a new file with working links.

    Derek, MSS

  • Hi,

    Just wondering is there anyway that the cad plans can be transferred to a laser cutter so that I could laser cut the interior sections?


  • Hey Jon.

    I don’t understand you question . . . if the laser cutter is driven by a cad program you shouldn’t have an issue with the files.

    Derek, MSS

  • I just ordered the paperback version of the book from Amazon so can I get a link to the video downloads too?

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