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For Sale: 5’0 Mini Simmons 1954 model by Jeff McCallum

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5’0″x 24″ x 2 3/8″ Mini Simmons ” 5’0 1954 model by Jeff McCallum of San Diego, Ca

-Opaque White resin tint
-Easily floats me at 160 and can float somebody up to 200lbs because of the planing surface/volume
-Glides and slides like nothing else
-Board is in excellent condition with just standard and light pressure dents on deck.
-Glass on bamboo 101 fins
-Jeff’s infamous dollar bill glassed under the deck with signature/logo
-Sells new for $800+

SOLD (more here)


Confessions Of A Mini Simmons Addict

2011_9_30_23_0At this point I feel good about saying that I have educated myself about Mini Simmons Surfboards.

I started this blog when I first recognized that these surfboards were special.

At first I just posted pics but then I realized that this board was part of something revolutionary.

It doesn’t happen often, you know, in this thruster world.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always ride a Mini—I ride the board that is right for the wave, you dig?

Look, we all want the maximum experience from our surf session and at some point you realize that your thruster just won’t cut it.

Longboards you say, nah.

Ahhhh . . . the Mini gets you through those sections where the thruster would die without the 5 extra feet.

Longer waves equates to longer love.

BUT, and this is a big BUT for me, you still need enough design in the board to make it fly down the magic carpet.

And in my case damn it, I want to hit that lip and snap an off the top where appropriate . . . just because I am riding a Mini doesn’t mean I don’t want those things.


So, I am just saying, the right Mini Simmons surfboard can do these things . . . I know, because I shape them.

What doesn’t work for me . . .

  • too much nose
  • too much rocker
  • not enough rocker
  • too long
  • too short
  • too thick
  • too wide

Yea, I know you are saying, WTF.

But look, each board is right for the right reasons.

That is why I love this site, because who an I to say that the no-glass plywood Mini Simmons wouldn’t work?

In fact, I love it that this guy shaped it.

Or the Twinzer Mini—I fucking love twinzers.

But on a Mini, I don’t know?

So there it is, we all got our preferences.

Fuck the mags . . . the right board is the right board.

Go shape it.

Go ride it.


Derek, MSS

Mini Bat Pinched Rails

Mini Bat Pinched Rails

Ok, let’s get the basics out of the way first of all:

5.8 x 2.5

This one has pinched rails, that means that the rails are pinched toward the center of the rail-line (also know as rail apex) as opposed to curving down towards the waterline.

What is a pinched rail?

A 50/50 pinched rail board works best in a good clean face reef or point break type wave, some people also call them egg rails.

I wasn’t sure how they would work on a Mini but I wanted to try it.

Little Al from Santa Cruz gives us some great advice about pinched rails:

“You have to remember that the rail starts way back towards the center of the board, and the knifer the rail the closer to the center of the board the contour starts. a hard rail in the tail tends to be faster when surfing towards the tail. A hard rail in the tail tends to be faster when surfing towards the tail. For a long time I did not know why I did not like the hard rail in the tail boards. With a hard rail in the tail and a flat area in the tail the board would not stall in fact it woud speed up.”

He continues,

“If you surf a floatier board at a reef/point break you get in early and have the time to stall and let the wave build up. If you surf a board without all that float and surf a beach break you need to get moving as soon as possible so a hard rail flat tail board is going to work best for you.”

Well, I like a board with both those characteristics so this one got pinched rails up front and hard rails in back.

I have yet to ride it at a reef, but at the beach-break it was a little sluggish.

I really like the lines on this one, I pulled the tail in a bit more than usual and the end result is less drag on the turns.

I made the tail with a mini bat wing.

My idea is that the water needs an exit point, a focal exit point, and the bat wing provides the water’s energy to escape.



Mini Mini

Mini Mini

Mini Mini. 5.4 x 22 x 2.25
hips way forward
step down tail

5’4″ Mini Simmons Surfboard

my last one i got all fancy
big front + rear rocker
scooped the bottom

i had it out in 6-8 foot surf the other day
and i can tell you man
that thing performed so well
SUPER fast
and i can get it vertical

a kid paddled out and was like, hey, you’re the ‘mini guy’
ha, i do surf other boards, but I am starting to wonder WHY?
so this one
i took VERY little off the bottom
the least i have ever taken off any blank bottom
i read this article about blanks
about not changing the blank too much
so on this one i tried that
it’s really straight—like an erection

my thinking is
surface area, harmony, SPEED
this one
no rocker
no channels
just speed
and 5’4
i can’t wait

a little smaller on the keels?
you need to make up for the lack of a rail-line
and fins do the trick nicely
my bro Jamie
foiled some mini-simmons keels
with a whopping 8.75″ base, and a 4″ height
long and low
lots of freedom
put the drive down low below the water
that is lacking on a board so short

8.75′ x 4.0′ (fins now available at wave tribe)

i am ALL about glass-on these days
fuck any other kind of fin on these mini’s
it’s like a snap-on dick versus an attached unit
not that i would know by the way
i am just saying, it’s something like that
it’s got to be, right?

Peace Out.

~ Derek

5’9″ Mini Simmons Blank

5’9″ Mini Simmons Blank

5’9″ Mini Simmons Blank. I finished the bottom on the simmon’s today, I am feeling my boards more now, shaping more from feel.

I am spending more time looking at the lines, thinking about how the water will move through the shape, understanding more about how the front rocker relates to the rear rocker, how the bottom mid section translates the dance of each rocker into a symphony of movement.

Ode to the rail . . .

How the rails will envelop the transposed energy from foam surface to wave surface, skipping along the emerald landscape . . . shaping!

put in channel in bottom
rails came out sick
so much love into this one
21.5 x 2.75 x 5’9
tried lots of new stuff
less mechanical, more sensual

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