A short video tutorial to glassing your surfboard fins. Replace the shown fin with your wood keels and we got a great video for glassing your Mini Simmons fins. Shapers Resource: DIY fin glassing video of 3:13 minutes.

Video: How To Glass A Surfboard Fin (3:13 mins)

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  • Hi,

    I used to shape back in the day out of Galveston, Texas. I did my apprenticeship under Steve Benet (NASA Engineer) and Steve Roberts of Ocean Magic and crafted from blank to final glossed product abut 300 boards. I did all the glassing and sanding. This was back in 1980-83.

    I did ok, but drifted out of the shaping bay, but it served me well and I always surfed eclectic shapes.

    I am 57 and still surf shorter designs, but would like to shape a Mini-Simmons, a nice single and a longer Simmons.

    I rode nnumerous balsa chambered shares from Skip Kozminski back around the mid-Eighties in the form of Guns at large Kon Ti Ki and Pico Alto. I also have a solid balsa fish we shaped together.

    Anyway, I will be spending next Summer in Mainland mMexico in a remote area, but about 2 hours from a good hardware store and want to shape these 3 boards using provided balsa blanks.

    Can you assist?

    Kind regards,


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