AKU Surfboard Shaping Software

AKU Shaping Machine

AKU Surfboard Shaping Software

Surfboard Shaping Software. The AKU is a machine used to ‘machine shape’ a surfboard blank.

The AKU shaping software is the software that was developed to use with the AKU machine (but you can use it without buying the machine too).

It is really easy to use and lots of fun.

The software is made for both Mac and PC and provides a 3D environment to design surfboards.

You can download it here for free: http://www.akushaper.com/

It’s made to feed into a shaping machine but it can also help you with your custom shaping projects.

The AKU file is the file format read by the software, you have to have the program to open the file.

If you want to use the shaping machine then just take your file and locate the closest machine supplier and they’ll run the shapes for you. Check this map for the closest location. There is one in Ventura, California at IShapes.net

You can also output the AKU designs to PDF after you have customized them, here is a sample output from A Mini Simmons AKU file design.

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Derek, Mini Simmons Shaper

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