Mini Mini

Mini Mini. 5.4 x 22 x 2.25
hips way forward
step down tail

5’4″ Mini Simmons Surfboard

my last one i got all fancy
big front + rear rocker
scooped the bottom

i had it out in 6-8 foot surf the other day
and i can tell you man
that thing performed so well
SUPER fast
and i can get it vertical

a kid paddled out and was like, hey, you’re the ‘mini guy’
ha, i do surf other boards, but I am starting to wonder WHY?
so this one
i took VERY little off the bottom
the least i have ever taken off any blank bottom
i read this article about blanks
about not changing the blank too much
so on this one i tried that
it’s really straight—like an erection

my thinking is
surface area, harmony, SPEED
this one
no rocker
no channels
just speed
and 5’4
i can’t wait

a little smaller on the keels?
you need to make up for the lack of a rail-line
and fins do the trick nicely
my bro Jamie
foiled some mini-simmons keels
with a whopping 8.75″ base, and a 4″ height
long and low
lots of freedom
put the drive down low below the water
that is lacking on a board so short

8.75′ x 4.0′ (fins now available at wave tribe)

i am ALL about glass-on these days
fuck any other kind of fin on these mini’s
it’s like a snap-on dick versus an attached unit
not that i would know by the way
i am just saying, it’s something like that
it’s got to be, right?

Peace Out.

~ Derek

Shaper | Lover of the Sea

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