5'9" Mini Simmons Blank.

5’9″ Mini Simmons Blank

5’9″ Mini Simmons Blank. I finished the bottom on the simmon’s today, I am feeling my boards more now, shaping more from feel.

I am spending more time looking at the lines, thinking about how the water will move through the shape, understanding more about how the front rocker relates to the rear rocker, how the bottom mid section translates the dance of each rocker into a symphony of movement.

Ode to the rail . . .

How the rails will envelop the transposed energy from foam surface to wave surface, skipping along the emerald landscape . . . shaping!

put in channel in bottom
rails came out sick
so much love into this one
21.5 x 2.75 x 5’9
tried lots of new stuff
less mechanical, more sensual

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