Making keel fins is not that difficult but it's alway nice to have some guidance along the way. This post offers you a quick DIY guide and also include a template for the fins. Shapers Resources: DIY Fin Guide with Template

Okay, let’s make some keel fins.

You will need to purchase: wax paper, wood, fin rope, fiberglass cloth and resin.

Wear a mask or get eco resin.

Now, find a nice flat place to create your fin art.

Cut out your fins.

Now follow these directions.

  1. Make fins from wood of choice
  2. Place on wax paper
  3. Add fiberglass fin rope (around fins dude)
  4. Drape with 8oz cut cloth
  5. Add resin to fins, rope, & cloth (just pour it on)
  6. When hard-ish, peel UP from underside


Grab the life-size Fin Template below


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  • Hi Derek,
    Congrats on your continuing great work.
    Stupid question but in relation to building mini keel fins – why fibreglass fin rope around the edge of the fin when glassing?
    cheers, Andrew

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