Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

Hey cheers for the invite to chat about my Simmons that i shaped under my logo of VEPO SURFBORDS @Facebook .I live in Guernsey channel islands and we get ok waves but sometimes lack power n push so shaped my 1st mini about 6 years ago and that was that ! I cant stop using it ” be it 2ft or 6/8ft .the board is 5,7, 22, 2 1/2 full Carbon wrap but i glassed using poly resin as didn’t want it a feel stiff . it paddles so so well around the line up . when I catch a wave its 1 pump and it just goes to overdrive having the slight roll in the nose chest area just gives you lift n speed then when you want to burn speed off adjust your feet sink that edge and it turns on a dime

Who inspires you?

Ryan Burch for radness , seeing him rip Mundaka apart on hes asymmetrical antic’s is mind blowing , My Mum is a sick cook and gran

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

The sassiness of it and the ability of the design to hold its ground when things go well over head

If you shaped your own board – Shaper Paul?

since shaping my 1st simms at 5,7 23,3 found it a little corky so just refined it down in volume , you see lots of variants of the simms , I do like what Mandala are doing but not sure on the quad vibe , suppose im a purest and like a glass on . the fins I make , i get 1/2 ” window cut outs from a boat building mate and foil the down to 7.5 x 5.5 and 1/4 “thickness foiled out so have flex

Where can we see more or follow future shapes?


paul machon


Show us your board

dscn1026 dscn1180 dscn1188 dscn1192 dscn1196

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