SUBX Triplane Hull

subx-bottom-med-b subx-deck-med-bSUBX Triplane Hull, incorporating some aspects of the Simmons bottom shape. Beginning with a fairly heavy roll in the nose to ensure there is no rail catching when coming off the top, we fade into flat and then into a deep single concave. This morphs into a deep double concave with a spiral vee at the tail.

The concave promote lift and speed and in tandem with the rocker are the real engine room of the SUBX, crucial ingredients in a board designed for small often gutless surf. The board can be surfed either off the front foot for longer reaching turns, or from the tail for shorter arcs. When you move forward on the board it really takes off in an unexpected rush with speed which blows you away. At times this feels like a supercharger at work.

Rails are reasonably refined through the centre to enable deep turns with appropriate penetration in good waves. Although the SUBX was conceived for small surf with little power, the rails are also designed for high performance in decent surf and so greatly increase the board’s versatility. Nose and tail rail foils are very deliberately chunky for maximum float in marginal conditions. The bottom edge of the rails is very forgiving in the nose, with a little more edge through centre and then super hard in the tail for bite and holding power.

See more at Grant Miller Surfboards.

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