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Tell us about your Mini Simmons

I researched the whole planning hull idea since a while back and it had been impossible for me to get something along those lines.

I had ridden a twin keel fish and really enjoyed it but I felt it was missing something or something was not right.

The whole bottom contour and rail types became my new interest me and spent a couple years trying to get one.

Then I stumbled onto Wave Tribe page and further read more and found that this new mini Simmons board I found exactly what I had been looking for. It is a 5’5″ Mini Simmons shaped by Valaric Surfboards. Low rocker, hull entry to V out the back with two wooden keels and 60/40 rails and a small step deck.

The board rides real fast and holds all the way up to 6 foot down the line point break surf.

Been getting barreled in the fast sections because of its speed making them real easy as well as riding the nose and doing cutbacks. It has become my favorite board for sure.

I recently also purchased a Tomo Vader and am going to give that a shot when I need a more high performance board. I am attaching a couple pictures of the board and me riding it.

Good vibes from El Salvador brother keep riding Minis!


Javier Suarez


Show us your board

IMG_2523 IMG_2526 IMG_2527


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