Ode to Shaper Marcello Carneiro

Ode to Shaper Marcello Carneiro



Marcello has a degree in Physical Education and Postgraduate in Sports Training and Exercise Physiology. Santos surfer since 9 years and shaper from 17 today to 42—a lot of experience as a professional shaper .

During his 25-year career as a shaper, he studied with Silvio Zampol and Almir Salazar. Thorough and careful in their work, always striving for perfection in the drawings and measurements, but also in the creation of bold lines.

Marcello is one of the shapers of mega factory New Advance, there had opportunity to ” shapear ” to Picuruta and Leco Salazar , and many others who passed through there .

More here: http://www.carneirosurfboards.com.br/

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