Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta

Peru lives in the basque country (San Sebastian, North Spain). He has been surfing longboards since about 10 years ago, when he returned to the surf (abandoned for several years). And he has always found the Mini Simmons interesting, but hasen’t gotten a chance to test one.

There is also another circumstance: He had some fiber glass and polyester surplus from another past project, so this summer he decided to build his own Simmons.

The idea was to do something fast, with surplus or waste materials: a kind of ‘trashy simmons’ (board decorated in the same idea, attempt to seem a Koi Carp in five minutes).

As he didn’t have a blank foam, he used cheap 5mm wood. So he took the board template, and simplified it, leaving only the top and bottom lids and three longitudinal dividing walls.

To form the edges, he used wasted surf foam that had to plaster to close the holes. Now he is finally glassing it, and -you know- can’t wait to try it. It was born to be his favorite, for all its faults 🙂

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta IMG_8260 IMG_8266 IMG_8289 IMG_8314 IMG_8320 IMG_8322 IMG_8330 IMG_8382 IMG_8391 IMG_8401


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