Tomo Vader

Tomo Surfboards Vader Review

Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson’s latest and greatest Modern Planing Hull design, the Tomo Surfboards Vader (leveraging Firewire Surfboards construction technology) takes flight…literally. This board is dynamite in the water. Instant acceleration, point and shoot precision – it allows me to ‘punch above my belt’ in the surf. I was pulling off manoeuvres on this Tomo Vader […]

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McCallum Surfboards Simmons Step Up Board Review

Another fine specimen by foam and resin master craftsman, Jeff McCallum of McCallum Surfboards. The Simmons Step Up borrows elements of the mini simmons surfboard designs but extends the wave range upwards. The ride is silky smooth, with precise transitions thanks to the performance tuned nose and tail and sensitive rails. From onshore waist to […]

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surfboard hull design

Navel Architecture of Planning Hulls

Read the book Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls that Bob Simmons studied to come up with the Mini Simmons design.

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Keel Nation: Mini Simmons Surfboard Design

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