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Vanguard Shred

01 Apr
vanguard surfboad

Tomo took lessons from Simmons when designing the vanguard and in essence, I think it’s accurate to say that the Vanguard is a Simmons planing hull built to the standards of todays high performance surfing.

The board feels incredibly stable, it’s a dream for speed, and I recommend going to your surf shop and seeing if they have a Vanguard demo you can try.

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surfboard hull design

Navel Architecture of Planning Hulls

Read the book Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls that Bob Simmons studied to come up with the Mini Simmons design.

Video Shaping Course 10 Video

Free Video Series Shaping From Start to Finish

Keel Nation: Mini Simmons Surfboard Design

In this one-of-a-kind eBook you’ll find lots of shaping advice, how to instructions and some great insight into how and why to shape your Mini Simmons.
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Mini Simmons Bros

Thanks for the great board bag and all the stoke . . . just ordered another Simmons, I think I will sell all of my other short boards!

“You are the patron saint of Mini Simmons!”

Love the site!