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Ode to Dono Surfboards
5'1" Mini Keeler by Jason Gariner. Mechanical Engineer at DART Aerospace making boards in the little bit of spare time he has . . . we think he should find some more time.
Keel Fins Tutorial – Quick & Easy
The best Mini Simmons Surfboard Keel Fin Tutorial in less than 2 minutes. This video takes you through each phase on making keel fins for your surfboard—it even includes foiling of your fins.
Mini Simmons eBook Keel Nation
The NEW 2017 Keel Nation is an 140 page shapers guide to the Mini Simmons surfboard with photos, diagrams, links and shaping instructions. Derek explores the history and the mystery of this unique shape. The new expanded edition has lots of new shapes and information not previously released. Grab you new edition today.
Design At Large – Richard Kenvin, Surf Craft
Design At Large - Richard Kenvin, Surf Craft
5’3 Mini Simmons Design By D
I talk about CNC shaping and rails and look at one of my latest designs and speak to the issue of volume.
Finless surfboard
Finless Surfboard Inspired by my involvement with Salsa (Jason Salisbury) and his desire to surf Desert Point in Indo, this[...]
Pocket Session #3 (Surf Ireland)
Pocket Session #3 (Surf Ireland), A couple of highlights of the winter so far.
Peter Conroy Towing Rileys!!!
Peter Conroy Towing Rileys!!! Peter Conroy Towing Rileys, surf in Ireland. This edit was a submission for the Winter Sessions by in 2015.

Derek Talks About Shaping Rails