Mini Simmons Day Boardbag

Mini Simmons Day Boardbags

mini simmons travel boardbgs

Mini Simmons Travel Boardbags

finless surfboard

Finless surfboard

Finless Surfboard Inspired by my involvement with Salsa (Jason Salisbury) and his desire to surf Desert Point in Indo, this is the refined version of that interlude.Friction free with a rail that holds and drives, this board will take your surfing to a level previously unknown. Are you experienced?

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Keel Nation: Mini Simmons Surfboard Design

In this one-of-a-kind eBook you’ll find lots of shaping advice, how to instructions and some great insight into how and why to shape your Mini Simmons.
Green Light Mini Simmons Workshop

Video Shaping Course 10 Video

Free Video Series Shaping From Start to Finish

Navel Architecture of Planning Hulls

Read the book Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls that Bob Simmons studied to come up with the Mini Simmons design.