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The Ductumentary – Full Movie

The Ductumentary – Full Movie

OffTheWall.TV is a digital online video network chronicling the unique aspects of Vans’ brand of youth culture through original video projects and exclusive content exploring skate, surf, snow, BMX, girls’ lifestyle, art and music. With more than 45 years of rich heritage and far-reaching influence in youth culture, OffTheWall.TV story-telling captures the creative expressions of Vans’ “Off the Wall” identity.

Ode To Shaper Charlie Wong

Ode To Shaper Charlie Wong

Charlie Wong. His boards are called Bubbaboards, he’s from Kailua, HI and has been underground shaping for years.

He used to run the Naish factory when they still hand-shaped windsurfers and makes an amazing longboard and fish.

A couple years ago he and Geoff Lee started talking about Mini Simmons and here is the result.


IMG_20130526_135820 IMG_20130526_135835 IMG_20130526_135853 IMG_20130526_135915


More on Geoff at

Barcelona Pukas

Barcelona Pukas

Barcelona Pukas, Surf Eskola in Barcelona! We opened the spot officialy on May 5th, 2012, in partnership with CNB, in the core zone of the very best Club in front of San Sebastian Beach (Barceloneta), Pukas gives you not just the possibility to surf, but the experience to Stand Up Paddle or do the one and unique Ocean Pilates experience.

There is a tight group of people trained to have fun by surfing, SUPing or exercising for the sake of exercise. A mix of local, basque and international surf instructors are some of the key factors to make the most out of the conditions offered in Barcelona. There are actually more waves than you think. Just drop your email, join the force and you will be told when the waves are fun to surf.

If you are not a beginner, remember that we have the official Pukas Test Pilot surfboards ready to be tested. So from beginner surfboards (big and soft) to the models our team riders use, Pukas offers you the best materials and advices.


Barcelona // Pukas // Surf from Pukas Surf on Vimeo.


MSS Shaper’s Interview Dhiya Md

MSS Shaper’s Interview Dhiya Md


MSS Shaper’s Interview Dhiya Md, Welcome to our Mini Simmons shaper’s interview with Dhiya.


MSS: Who inspires you? Shapers? Riders? Mom?

Dave Rastovich, Dane Reynolds, Alex Knost, and Tyler Warren.

MSS: What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?


Fast, fast, and fast.

MSS: Who rides your boards and why do they like the Mini Simmons?

Just me.

I like it because it’s small, it’s fast, it’s loose, catches waves easily and tons of fun.

MSS: What is your opinion on rails, deck, bottom and fin design?


Nice foiled out rails would be good, if you can afford it go thinner on them rails.

Step deck is nice other than that a scoop nose is also good, i call it the magic nose, pops out of the water when you think you’re about to pearl.

Single throughout or a slight double on the back.

Classic keels!

MSS: Do you have any shaping tips?


Take your time and have fun doing it.

For more on Dhiya see his blog

Wow, love the result.





Jon Wegener grew up, began surfing and shaping in Southern California. He has been shaping since 1987 and has dreamed of doing nothing else except surfing and shaping ever since. After his college years in San Diego, he returned to Hermosa Beach, CA and began to work on his passion full-time.

In addition to starting Wegener Surfboards he has also shaped for a number of other veteran shapers including Hap Jacobs, and Bing Surfboards. In 2010 Jon moved to Encinitas, CA. As a board maker Jon has always tried to find the right board for the right conditions. Jon loves to make and ride a huge variety of surfboards.  Depending on the surf conditions he rides anything from a finless wooden alaia, to a “traditional” fiberglass noserider, or a progressive shortboard.



In 2005, Jon’s brother Tom Wegener introduced Jon to the Alaia after a trip he had taken to the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. The two brothers have been making Alaias, and Paipos, and trying to get the word out ever since. Along with the boards they make they have been spreading information about Paulownia wood, a special wood perfect for making surfboards. Since Jon began working with wood, he has not only looked for ways to combine his two passions, he has strived to make his regular surfboards “ASAP” (as sustainable as possible).

Jon is more excited about where the surfing world is going now, than at any other time in his surfing/shaping career. At Wegener Surfboards we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new path that surfing has taken, and we can’t wait to see what new developments are waiting up ahead.


Photo: Mini Simmons Skate-Surf Design

Photo: Mini Simmons Skate-Surf Design

Mini Simmons Skate Suerf Design

To build a skateboard that rides like a surfboard, you need to start by looking at a surfboard. Surfboards have a simple design: a flat plane with fins in the rear. website uptime . This simple design allows a rider to rotate their upper body, pivoting off of the fins to perform turns, while the free unlimited motion of the front allows the rider to slide the board left to right to pump for speed. SurfSkate Industries built their longboard around this style of movement. The rear truck acts as a pivot point allowing a rider to use their upper body to pull the board into turns, while the 360* rotating front truck allows the rider to face the board in any chosen direction and pump for speed.

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