Bubbaboard 5'5" x 20 1/2" x 2 3/8" Ode to Shaper: Geoff Lee has been fortunate to have studied and worked with some of the best glassblowers around the world and has applied those skills to shape a Mini Simmons.

Ode To Shaper Charlie Wong

Charlie Wong. His boards are called Bubbaboards, he’s from Kailua, HI and has been underground shaping for years.

He used to run the Naish factory when they still hand-shaped windsurfers and makes an amazing longboard and fish.

A couple years ago he and Geoff Lee started talking about Mini Simmons and here is the result.


IMG_20130526_135820 IMG_20130526_135835 IMG_20130526_135853 IMG_20130526_135915


More on Geoff at www.islandglassworks.com

Shaper | Lover of the Sea

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