MSS Shaper's Interview With James Samaha from SC

MSS Shaper’s Interview With James Samaha

Welcome to our Mini Simmons shaper’s interview with James Samaha from South Carolina.

He has some great resources on his blog, see link below.

We also like the fact that he made his Mini Simmons from a broken longboard and he calls it, “reclaiming the stoke.”

MSS: Who inspires you? Shapers? Riders? Mom?

  • Chris del Maro
  •  Jon Wegener
  • Tom Wegener
  • Donavon Frankenrieter
  • Derek Hynd.

MSS: What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

Their ability to perform well in small waves, which I have plenty of here in Cherry Grove, SC.

MSS: Who rides your boards and why do they like the Mini Simmons?

So far I have only had one friend try it out briefly (I am new at this) but he likes ii.

MSS: What is your opinion on rails, deck, bottom and fin design?

I like the single concave idea that the Wegener brothers seem to have perfected, and a more flat rocker with a spooned out nose.

As far as fins go, I like a quad with a little “nubster” fin added in the middle.

Works good for me

MSS: Do you have any shaping tips?

Still learning myself, maybe one day I will be able to impart some wisdom. =D

Stay stoked!

L- 5′ 4′,  W- 21.5″, Thickness – 2.25″

See James blog check that out here.

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