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For Sale: 5’1 Weir’s Fat Bean (OZ)

For Sale: 5’1 Weir’s Fat Bean (OZ)

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Weir’s Fat Bean, For Sale is a near brand new 5’1 Weir’s Fat Bean Surfboard with a quad fin set up.

These boards are becoming very popular on the coast.

This board has only been surfed twice and could easily be mistaken for a brand new surfboard.

There is not a single mark on it.

Paid $800 for this board a few months ago. Also comes with a $50 Creatures of Leisure Tail Pad. Grab a bargain while it lasts..


For Sale: 5’5″ Mini Simmons $770 (Oz)

For Sale: 5’5″ Mini Simmons $770 (Oz)

5’5″ Mini Simmons, Near new Creative Army 5’5″ long x 21 5/8″ wide and 2 9/16′ thick

mini Simmons surfboard shaped by longboard world champ Josh Constable.

This board absolutely flies and is extremely maneuverable.

mini-1 mini-2

It makes summer surf fun. It is the go to board when the waves are gutless or you want to mix it up.

Barely used and in near new condition with custom tint and polished finish by Yoshi Takeda. New retail price is $1,100.00.

A chance to get a super fun board for much less than new.

I am selling to buy another one from Josh.

The model is the Taco.

First to see will buy.

5’2″ Dim-Sim By More Surfboards

5’2″ Dim-Sim By More Surfboards

5’2″ Dim-Sim . This a 5’2″ dim-SIM shaped for Sharon Jackson.

It’s pretty much a copy of the traveler (or take-away dim-SIM as its been called).

They’ve got some really nice hand foiled twin keels by master fin maker Phil Way.

This board has been glassed light with a 4 oz bottom and 1 layer of 6 oz on the deck.

Mark says it’s silly to make them too heavy coz he prefers them lively and responsive for maximum performance (re: with less glass). He goes on to say, “We glass them however the customer wants, after all, they are all custom made.”


This next one is the shapers personal board, its 5’3″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″ with super sweet twin keels.

Mark says about this board, “I really like this board and I find myself riding it in just about any conditions, it really handles decent sized waves well and it also fits into the boot of your car.”

See More Surfboards (pun intended).


Q & A With Tom Wegener About Mini Simmons Fins

Michael recently purchased a Tom Wegener Mini Simmons, pictures below. The previous owner had the original Wagner fins made from wood and a set of FCS FK-1 fins. Michael says the board goes well with the FCS FK-1’s but it just slides out even at take off with the smaller wooden fins.

Michael asks: “Would it be best to persevere or work down in size..i.e I can shape some in between out of old FCS fins and then work down to the smaller ones or should I just persist. I have only had one surf with the small fins in 1-2′ slop) whereas the larger ones were in 4′ waves and I really enjoyed it but would like to get into the loose feeling that I have seen in some of the Mini Simmons clips.”

To Wegener replies: “With the small fins, you mostly have to use your rails. There is a knack to getting the rails to stick in and get traction. It is actually a lot easier to get the board to hold in on a steep face. In mushy waves they don’t get the speed to suck into the wave and the board just drifts sideways. I know your frustration.

Fin-less surfing did not come as easily to me as it did to most of my friends which was really maddening. I suggest trying the small fins again when you get to Crescent and there is a long wall to work with. Belly board a few waves to get a feel for the rails and then stand up. You will not believe the speed you will get and as the board goes faster it will be easier to control. Then you may try making slightly bigger fins.”

Thanks to Michael for sharing his question and to Tom (read more about this extraordinary shaper)  for providing such valuable insight.



For Sale 5’8″ Mini On Gold Coast OZ $350

For Sale 5’8″ Mini On Gold Coast OZ $350

5’8 x 21 x 2 7/8

This board is a take on a Simmons It has a slight round V entry into a single concave through to the tail 50/50 rails it is a demo model only surfed a handful of times, a part from a couple of small scratches it’s in new condition, glass in 8oz Volan with a light blue tint an black pigment with free laps, it goes real fast with the concave an toed in fun placement with negative cant, build to surf in most condition.

It is made by imprint surfboards on the central coast, It has heaps of paddle an is super fast down the line, comes with g5 fcs fins $350 Ono


Rake Mini: Stubby Nose Alternative

Rake Mini: Stubby Nose Alternative

Stubby Nose Alternative…I remember coming across these boards a few years back.

Glad I found them again to add to our collection here at MSS (enjoy).













I love the outline on this one and it’s very close to how I shape them.













Too much fin in my opinion but beautiful woodwork.
















Chomped nose and tail. I’d be interested to now how this one rides.













Shot of both nose styles, on the stubby you’ve got less surface area up front but a wider angle moving off the nose section giving the board a unique outline throughout.

I think I’ll try one.



Chinned Vacuum Rails Mini By Tom Wegener

Chinned Vacuum Rails Mini By Tom Wegener

Fins are way over rated—especially on a Mini Simmons.

My take has always been smaller and lower with fins on the Mini but Tom Wegener has taken the ‘less fin argument’ a few steps forward in his almost fin-less chinned vacuum creation.

Tom Wegener, shaper of the year in Australia, says he got the idea from the rails on a boogie board with “chinned vacuum rails.” He then accentuated the fin set-up with tiny little pegs—forget the keels on this design.













Essentially the idea is that the built-in chinned rail acts as a fin through the length of the board giving some stability through turns and maneuvers.

In fact, this rail replaces the necessity for the traditional keel fin set-up and allows the surfer to pull off radical 360 style maneuvers with ease (see video below).

More on Tom Wegener here.

Mini Wood in Ozzy Land

Mini Wood in Ozzy Land

Ozzy Land. I have been thinking a lot about wood lately.

Seems to keep coming up.

In the mags, in my mind, with my bros.


I like wood and I like the idea of Minis made from wood.

There is that whole flex argument with wood, but how much flex do you need from a Mini Simmons.

It seems to me the perfect shape for using wood.

I came across the work of Mr. Grey, a furniture maker and hollow wood surfboard shaper. He uses a mix of Western Red Cedar, Balsa and Paulownia. He also glasses with epoxy resin which he states “has less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than polyester and is 30% stronger.”

Here is a beautiful example of a 5’6″ Mini Simmons by Mr Grey in Ozzy land.

  • Paulownia and red cedar
  • Hull entry blending to rolled V
  • Blending into channels

For more info see Nataniel Grey.

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