5'2" Dim-Sim and 5'3" Mini Simmons with Keels By More Surfboards

5’2″ Dim-Sim By More Surfboards

5’2″ Dim-Sim . This a 5’2″ dim-SIM shaped for Sharon Jackson.

It’s pretty much a copy of the traveler (or take-away dim-SIM as its been called).

They’ve got some really nice hand foiled twin keels by master fin maker Phil Way.

This board has been glassed light with a 4 oz bottom and 1 layer of 6 oz on the deck.

Mark says it’s silly to make them too heavy coz he prefers them lively and responsive for maximum performance (re: with less glass). He goes on to say, “We glass them however the customer wants, after all, they are all custom made.”


This next one is the shapers personal board, its 5’3″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″ with super sweet twin keels.

Mark says about this board, “I really like this board and I find myself riding it in just about any conditions, it really handles decent sized waves well and it also fits into the boot of your car.”

See More Surfboards (pun intended).


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