Tore on surfboards I am convinced that surfboards are all about personal preferences and that it takes a certain amount of time to determine exactly what yours are, but that once you determine them that’s all you want, that’s all that’s important to you… getting the board “you” want and that’s exactly what I intend to give you.

Ode to Tore Surfboards. Tore shows Bob Simmons some respect on his page, I like that:

“This is my homage to a fallen pioneer of surfboard design… Mr. Bob Simmons left us in Sept. of 1954 but he has not been forgotten.”


He goes on to remind us about the surf boards characteristics and show us a thing or two about his shaping chops:

“Bobs’ original design featured a few firsts, one being concave and the other being a hard down rail on the back third of the board. Bob’s design also featured an S-deck. For those of you who don’t know, this is when the deck sweeps downward on the tail of the board. Bob’s intention was to thin the tail allowing it to sink more easily when turning.”


Tore doesn’t like the S-deck so he has eliminated this ‘feature on his version of the Mini Simmons.

He has also redesigned the leash plug, which I personally love as those retro loops should be lost in the retro-land dump, I have seriously injured my foot on those things.


Order one today for $600 in Hawaii.

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