MSS bro sent in his new board and we REALLY like it. Look at those deep channels and sick wood quad fins.

Greg’s 6’6 Mini Simmons Quad



Richard Kenvin on Monday- taking it out for 1st session tomorrow.   Dims- 6’6″ x 22″ x 2 3/8″.

Has glassed on Gephart keel fins & a very cool looking channel through the tail.

This is the Hydrodynamica Fourke model- based on Bob Simmon’s design theory with some obvious modern updates.

I didn’t ask RK who shaped it but it has a small “Built by Penda” label on the tail.

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  • Cool board! I just picked up a HD Simmons that has a Penda lam on it too. Who or what is Penda?

  • I didn’t ask RK specifically where it was shaped but i believe it was shaped by Steve Pendarvis out of San Diego – known for Pendoflex surfboards. BTW – i am quite happy with how the shape and the glass job turned out.

  • Hey, I know this comment is very late to the party but, how did the board handle at 2 3/8 thick?

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