A look at the 6'7" Mini Simmons shaped by Steven Mast at Mast Surfboards.

Ode To Mast Surfboards

Mast Surfboards. The shaper says about this board, “Down the line it feels like a displacement hull but when you step back turns with the ferocity of a fish, without the wiggle.”

The result was 6’7″ with nice hips toward the tail, perfect and a lot curvier that any replica would be and how we love those lines.

  • Massive belly forward;
  • DEEP single concave;
  • Soft chinned rails to edge towards the tail.




















Beautiful tapered nose, not too much width . . . just enough.















Big hips with slight bulge in tail, this tail is very unique and the lines are epic.













Thin light nose with harmonious rail line.











Here is where it gets really good, look at that single concave sculpture—love it.

For more info see Mast Surfboards here.


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