MSS Shaper’s Interview With Oscar

MSS Shaper’s Interview With Oscar

Welcome to our Mini Simmons shaper’s interview with Oscar.

He has some great resources on his blog that show his complete shaping experience, see link below.

I love the fact that this was his first board and that the youth of today are saying and thinking things like, ” it defies those companies who bring out new shapes year after year.”

Thinking differently is so important—being original in thought and design is an essential part of surfing, shaping and living.

Big ups to Oscar for shaping his first board and for breaking out of the box of ‘conditioned’ shaping.

MSS: Who inspires you? Shapers? Riders? Mom?

I was inspired to go shorter than the minimal I was riding and thought the Simmons would enable that.

Loved the retro design.

MSS: What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

It has a really pure hull feel to it and doesn’t follow the trends that we are supposed to conform to in the surfing world.

Along side this it defies those companies who bring out new shapes year after year that do not change at all.

MSS: Who rides your boards and why do they like the Mini Simmons?

I am the only person who has ridden my board so far….my friends think it looks like a body board.

MSS: What is your opinion on rails, deck, bottom and fin design?

I rode mine as a quad with a single to double concave, my rails were a bit too boxy but I love the quad setup.

MSS: Do you have any shaping tips?

Don’t rush and keep to your design.

Have fun

See Oscar’s blog.


Derek, Mini Simmons Shaper

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