The driftwood collective takes an old longboard, strips it and shapes a upcycled Mini Simmons.

Video: Upcycled Mini Simmons (4:02 mins)


Recycling a Surfboard from Driftwood Collective on Vimeo.

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  • I’ve thought about doing this before. Do you know what they are doing at the 27 second point. What is that white stuff? Is that spare foam they are filling in holes with? In past experience the old fiberglass pulls chunks of foam up as you remove it.

  • Yea Scott, they are using foam to fill in the gaps where the old foam was bad or had ripped a hole in the blank.

    Once you start mowing the ‘new’ blank you just shape that part into the design.

    It’s a great video and I am sure there are tons of throw away long boards out there that will make nice upcycled Mini Simmons.

    ~Derek, MSS

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