The colors were a surprise and it turned out perfect. It is definitely inspired by fun. Mini Simmons Shaping Video Shaping and Glassing Fun

A Mini Simmons

A Mini Simmons from Michael Schwenke on Vimeo.

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  • Hi Guys,

    would you mind sending me the aku file for a mini simmons, i really want to make one myself but i am not good with the shaping program, i wpuld like the board to be a 6″2.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  • Hey Guys,
    could you please send me a aku file for a mini simmons, would be really great ! Cheers, Elias

  • Hi- Great web site! i was wondering if you could send me a Mini Simmons File.
    Im looking to make a 5’8″ mini Simmons. Ive downloaded the AKU shape soft ware for the MAC already.

    Thank you.


  • Hi there,

    Great site, can you please send be a Mini Sim AKU file. I’m going to have a go!



  • Hi guys, great site I’ve been thinking of making a Simms for ages and now I will! If you wouldnt mind sending the AKU file to get me started…. 😀

    Much appreciated,


  • Hi,

    i’m also looking to built my very first mini simmons, can also send me a aku file for 5’4″.


  • Hi,

    I’m trying to save my work in the AKU software but i can’t, i get an error message 187.
    Do you know what it could be?


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