Kellys says: "TOMOs modern planing hull is the FUTURE of board design." I bet he's working on one already.

Slater on Stu Kennedys TOMO Planing Hull Design

It’s no secret that Kelly Slater is a board design freak. Since the ’90s, he’s been on the forefront of board trends–possibly because the guy can ride pretty much anything, and lots of people want to surf like Kelly. But the board doesn’t make the surfer, and Kelly’s boards aren’t right for everyone.

Unlike a lot of surfers, though, Slater’s not stuck on one design. Quite the opposite, in fact; he’s been trying out new things for ages. Case in point: Tomo’s widely acclaimed, albeit strange designs. The 11 time world champion recently stuck his fingers in the Firewire honey pot, reportedly purchasing the lion’s share of the company, which works extensively with Tomo Surfboards. Of course, when a guy like Kelly buys into the surfboard making game, you’ve got a perfect test driver–and that’s exactly what he did in some perfect Australian point break waves. When Kelly and Tomo himself try out a few new sleds, it’ll make you want to take one for a test drive yourself.


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