Tomo's goals for the Modern Planing Hull has always been to improve upon current equipment, making the high performance surfing experience faster, easier and more intuitive for any rider. This clip really highlights the pure functionality and refinement level of the coming 2014 installment of the MPH designs.

Modern Planing Hull > Tomo


– notice how effortlessly these designs gain and maintain speed, linking sections with acceleration and ease.
– notice the drive and precision of the parallel rail line working to draw both powerful carves and radical tight hacks with a subtle shift in weight.
– notice the control of the MPH that  sits perfectly centered beneath the riders feet with no swing weight up front and no drag through the rear.

This segment is filmed in one day. A morning and  afternoon session.

no aerials, no tricky editing or one off maneuvers…. just clean, fast and flowing high performance surfing on cutting edge equipment. ( in regular frame rate -no speeding up of footage).

Featuring the  talents of Current  2013 WQS front-runner Stuart Kennedy in sizzling form !
and Daniel Thomson, (surfer/designer) at home break at Lennox Head on a fun day in April.

filmed and edited by Hamish Mackenzie.

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