We examine this wood and foam beauty---a wide stringer Mini Simmons made from Paulownia wood and two pieces of foam.

Ode To The Shaper: Nocean

Nocean. Agave between two pieces of Paulownia (we love Paulownia at MSS).

  • Cut and template to the right curves.
  • Glue between two foam slabs.
  • Plane the foam and wood together to make one ready-made blank.

I have ridden a few ALL wood Minis and I find them heavy and stiff.

I like the idea more and more of using wood and foam.

I know a lot of guys either lean one way or the other but I think using a combination of these two materials might create the right mixture for an exceptional Mini Simmons.

Next month I’ll be shaping my first chambered Mini via Mark from Crooked Blanks—-we’ll all get some first hand experience (via this blog).

The big question for me is:

Will the chambered Mini approach reduce the weight?

Stay tuned.

Oh yea, Ode to Nocean for this beautiful shape.


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