Ode to Shaper Michael Lynch Shpaing Resources Very inspired by my bros first attempt at shaping the Mini Simmons and stoked that he shared his journey.

Ode to Shaper Michael Lynch

IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0927 IMG_0939IMG_1059 IMG_1077 IMG_1078


My first Simmons (way too big and way too much foam on the nose Dims: 5’6″ 22″ 2 3/4 – fun otherwise) and my first fish (simmons inspired set as a quad; dims are 5’6″ 22″ 2 1/2).

Need to get my footprints on a D.Dodds Simmons!

Been studying the Simmons Booklet that you sent non-stop; so inspired by it shaping wise, it makes all things hydrodynamic make perfect sense.. very well done.

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