Ode to Shaper Kirill Beznosikov

Ode to Shaper Kirill Beznosikov

Kirill Beznosikov. I don’t remember how I came with idea of shaping a mini, it’s my first board and somehow I visited your site, and i got deeper and deeper in mini simms world. Got sucked in, I would say.

I live in Russia, Kaliningrad, Baltic Sea coast . Have some good windy swells, but “mushy waves” is what we surf here.

This board is made of eps beaded foam, cut from a cube of material, and glued to a stringer. It’s 6oz +4oz deck, 6 oz bottom with fins reinforcement patch, Epoxy resin. Size is 5″5′, and it has 50 liters of volume.

Best wishes, Kirill Beznosikov

P.S. Yesterday, it was surfed in belt high waves by my friend, and he said its a fun board and he would have one in a quiver.Ode to Sahper Kirill Beznosikov image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10



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