Mini Simmons Sup. Pictures of Mini Simmons SUP design and a link to the shaper.

Mini Simmons Sup

Mini Simmons Sup. I have to say I am not a big SUP fan.

I don’t know, maybe I should be more open . . . but when I see these guys in the lineup I get a little pissed.

But anyway, here it is.

The Mini Simmons SUP.

The Phoenix is a mini simmons style SUP designed by Infinity team rider Chris Hill… Fast, stable, and a fun fishy ride…

These are the original Phoenix SUP design. Chris and Dave Boehne are currently collaborating on the next evolution of the Phoenix line.

Set up with ProBox Fins for ultimate custom options in fin cant, placement, and set ups…

Traditional Simmons style “moon” keels with a 5-fin option

High volume. big guys can go shorter than they can imagine.

– See more at:


More info here

Shaper | Lover of the Sea

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