Show & Tell #1 David 5’6 x 22 x 23/4 Mini Simmons

Show & Tell #1 David 5’6 x 22 x 23/4 Mini Simmons

Tell Us About Your Mini Simmons.

DIY 5’6 x 22 x 23/4

Flat bottom with a touch of concave in the back, twin keel that’s been nicknamed the Tooth.

It’s the fastest board in the quiver.

It’s the ultimate slop killer but will surprise you on the good days too.

Who inspires you?

Tyler Warren, Matt Calvani and Ryan Burch

What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

I’d been obsessed with the Mini Simmons for a long time and always thought it’s simple shape would be perfect for a garage shaper’s first attempt at mowing foam.

I had so much fun using new tools to shape the board and it was totally satisfying experience.

It still has a lot of foam left in the nose and tail—despite my nervousness she handled the bottoms turns and loved the high line.

Nothing beats riding something you’ve spent hours making yourself.

Show us your board.

mini simmons show and tell


Derek, Mini Simmons Shaper

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