Attention to detail, taking your time, making sure every surfboard is crafted with care. Kent Senatore of tore surfboards has been shaping surfboards since 1980. Shapers Resource: Mini Simmons Shaping in Hawaii - 5:10 minutes

Video: The Birth of a Mini Simmons – Tore Surfboards

Tore Surfboards. I imagine it starts the same way for every shaper, you just want to be able to make yourself a board… and that’s exactly how it all started for me almost 30 years ago. Back then, there were no shaping machines, and there was no internet, well it was there but still in its infancy. It was the era of the “shaper-guru” a time when you got what your shaper told you to get, no questions asked. I had several bad experiences with shapers of this nature and never forgot how unpleasant it felt to be let down when the board I had envisioned ended up looking like the board my shaper had envisioned instead.



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