I have a great passion for beauty and aesthetics, and through photography I have found the ideal way to express my ideas and visions.

Signe Vilstrup

Photographer Signe Vilstrup began her carrier as fashion photographer in 2002  and has since then been very successful with creating beautiful, intriguing and magical universes for a wide range of Scandinavian and International fashion brands and magazines. And today she is one of the best working photographers in Scandinavia.

Vilstrup is not bound by rules, while she often uses inspiring unorthodox and intuitive methods in her work. One could be tempted to call her an autodidact photographer.

Her work is delicate, romantic and dreamy, yet gloomy, dark and twisted. A soft, deep, emotional and real femininity is permeating her photographic style and it always captures your eyes – leaving you wanting to see more.



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