Looking to sell this unique extremely fun mini simmons to a serious buyer interested in adding to their quiver. San Diego $200

 For Sale: Mini Simmons Shaped by Josh Oldenburg

Board dimensions are 5’10” x 2.75 x 21.5. An early Josh Oldenburg design (#27 if I am not mistaken) with glassed in fins.

Very fast board given its shape and perfect for slower point breaks and outside beach break waves where you would compete with long boarders.

Fin plug added for leash.

I’ve had all dings professionally repaired and bottom glass is completely sealed.

It’s a bit of a tank but bombs down waves.

Will accept $200 but won’t go any lower.

Josh Oldenburg


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  • Thanks, I have a quick question , can most mini simmons that are 4’10” or longer and 20+ inches wide and over 2″ thick realistically catch 1-2 foot waves almost as good as a longboard? I want to transition to a shorter board but it needs to have some float because I surf where waves are typically 1-4 feet.

  • Hum . . . kind of depends on the surfer. Best thing to do is get one and try.

    Derek, MSS

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