With a longer rail line and less girth than the SWEET POTATO, and a slightly pulled in nose similar to the DOMINATOR, the POTATO-NATOR is meant to be ridden 4"-6" longer than a POTATO, and approx. 2" shorter than the DM.

This is what I call a mini-esque board and I think we’ll see more and more shapers going from this style.

  • double concaves are softer than the SWEET POTATO
  • overall rocker has been increased slightly to enhance performance
  • the low entry rocker remains which makes paddling a breeze
  • fin placement is optimized to be ridden as a quad

As the name implies, the potato-nator by firewire (fun name) is the result of Dan Mann gene-splicing two of his most popular models: the SWEET POTATO and the DOMINATOR.


Potato-nator from Firewire Surfboards on Vimeo.

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