Summer of 2015-2016, shaping and riding a 5'1" Bob Simmons inspired twin fin. Ive surfed these waves on my regular rounded pin with three and four fin setups when it is over three to four foot, a 7'6" and 7'0" mini mall when it is two to three foot and a 9'2" when it gets smaller. This board has opened up a whole lot of fun in the one to four foot range. The straight rails and keels gives amazing drive down the line and will trim as fast as the wave breaks. You can stand on the buoyancy and flatness through the concave over flat sections and around broken sections and floaters. It is beautifully manouverable over the fins at slow speeds and bounces off whitewater but forget about that hack in the pocket, maybe need to pull the tail in a bit more for that, just get out on the shoulder and hook a cutback. Maybe put a bit too much hull and nose lift which get tricky and can put the brakes on if you put too much weight on the front foot when dropping into barrels or off weight on a bottom turn after coming off the top but makes it really stable into white water as long as your weight is back. Don't step back, there is none. music- Ankle Biter by Thundermentals

Ode to Shaper Steven Beattie

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