MSS Shapers Interview: The Blinky ‘Plastic Chair Paint’ Mini Simmons With Brian Hill

MSS Shapers Interview: The Blinky ‘Plastic Chair Paint’ Mini Simmons With Brian Hill

Welcome to our Mini Simmons shaper’s interview with Brian Hill from Hawaii. (Yes, they even surf the Mini Simmons on the north shore of Hawaii now).

Mini Simmons boards are not seen on the north shore of Oahu much, but Brain Hill sure likes his Mini and we interviewed him about his ride and slide.

He say the question he get most is “can you turn it?”

He has been riding the one posted here at Chuns and Jockos and all reports are super positive.

When asked if he could go off the top Brain says,

“I don’t know why people are saying you can’t go off the top well, cause it does fine. You just have to put it up there.”

MSS: Who inspires you? Shapers? Riders? Mom?

The waves on the north shore of Oahu.

MSS: What interests you about the Mini Simmons shape?

Short length and width.

Also glide on small waves.

I just wanted to try a board with fins so far back and on the rail, just to see if it worked.

Curiosity got the best of me.

MSS: Who rides your boards and why do they like the Mini Simmons?

I only shape for my self.

Because I have my own ideas that I incorporate into my boards and my regular job pays way more.

MSS: What is your opinion on rails, deck, bottom and fin design?

I like domed deck.

Low volume rails so they don’t fight back when turning.

Single concave from the tail all the way up past the 1′ mark at the nose.

Fins should match the board and the rider.

Cut always at the base of the fin for looseness, no epoxy, I used plastic chair spray paint.

MSS: Do you have any shaping tips?

Get her done.

L- 5′ 4′,  W- 22.5″, Thickness – 2.875″


Blink & Brain Hill

Thanks to Brain for taking the time to share his photos and stoke.

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Derek, Mini Simmons Shaper

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