Lord Board
Lord Board

Lord Board

I used my Laundry Room to make a board based on the “Lord Board” – a planing hull in its simplest form. A slab of EPS foam has been sandwiched between two plywood sheets. The rails were made from EVA foam. It gave me a lot of “Happy Times” so far.

My version of the “Lord Board”: looks like a door, rides like a table top
5′ x 25″ x 3 1/6 “, 65 liters, parallel outline, slight roll towards the nose, zero tail rocker, flat bottom, flat deck and square rails

Lord Board: naked piece of foam without fins
ca 4’ x 20” x 3” (ca 46 L), unglassed, stringerless, closed cell foam,little rocker, a nearly parallel outline and square rails

Derek, Mini Simmons Shaper

Shaper | Lover of the Sea

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