Huge Portugal. wow . . . you got to see this.

Huge Portugal

Huge Portugal. It’s one of mother nature’s most powerful, spine-tingling displays: monstrously huge waves crashing into shore from a stormy sea.

However, for these daredevil surfers, they see it as an opportunity to show just what they’re capable of too.

And their wave-riding heroics are guaranteed to leave stunned spectators with hairs standing up on the back of the neck.

They then come roaring into the beaches of Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal, creating an awesome spectacle outdone only by the surfers who risk it all by riding them.

The now famous break has become a shrine for big wave surfers ever since American Garrett McNamara set a world record three years ago by surfing a 78ft wave from trough to crest.

In the peak summer months, the beaches of Nazare attract thousands of sun-seekers, but the scene transforms in the autumn and winter as the Atlantic winds pick up, causing the waves to grow in size and power.

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