My Handshaped Mini Simmons

My Handshaped Mini Simmons

Hi Derek !
Here are some pics of my mini Simmons I have shaped recently.
I wanted to do something like a traditional old school board with the fiberglass leash loop and the wood keels , but with some of modern shapes that I like with diamond tail and the edged rails … I have tried to keep all the shaping details that you described in your book to make it works like a good mini Simmons.
I really enjoyed shaping that board and I really like the look of it .
In the water it works pretty as I expected, and I really like that kind of surf !
I just have a problem : it’s very hard to catch a wave with that board… paddling is really comfortable in general but when I try to catch a wave , I paddle everything I can until I feel the wave pushing me but it is very hard compared to other boards I have with less volume … strange.
I have tried just 2 times for now so maybe I’m not well placed on the board and on the waves, I think that kind of boards you have to ride for a long time to know it well.
I read on some shaping forums that some guys tell that the board is going from the same point as some log but it’s not at all the same with mine ! 🙂
Any advice on the way to catch a wave and ride it ? Or on the shaping mistake I have maybe done ?
Anyway I still love my mini Simmons.
Thanks for your book and giving me want to shape a mini Simmons !
Cheers !
Jean-Baptiste Casini
Skype: jbcasini
D.L.I.D / Dick Laurent Is Dead 
Waves On The Wall Studio 
Music production & sound design

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