5'4" x 23" x 2 3/4" Mini Simmons For Sale Location - Newquay, UK - Price 350

5’4″ Mini Simmons (UK)

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For Sale: 5’4″ Mini Simmons (UK). This board is in amazing condition as you can see from the pics. It has had lots of use but has a super good glass job thanks to Dave farrow at Many returns.

It has a gloss and polish finish but hardly weighing anything. This was one of 8 boards shaped for Mambo with their own graphics put on there.

The board itself flies in sloppy surf i would normally use this in anything from 1ft 1/2 to overhead. It paddles in super easy and does glide for that old skool feel, alternatively it you really wanna get progressive with it you will be able to pop little airs on it too.

The combination of float and a short length make it uper versatile. Days when you wouldnt be surfing your shortboard you would surf this… Think about it like having the paddle of a longboard but being able to turn more like a fish. It really does tick all the boxes but feel free to come see it.

More information here.

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