5'0 21.5 x 2.5 Mini Simmons For Sale Chocolate Fish Tantra Surfboard shaped by Eric Christenson

For Sale: 5′ Mini Simmons by Eric Christenson

5′ Mini Simmons by Eric Christenson

TAIL: Large square/squash
COLOR: Tri-tone resin tint lamination: opaque navy nose, opaque red middle, opaque yellow tail; top+bottom
FINISH: Sanded gloss
FIN: Glass on fiberglass quads
EXTRA: 4+4 oz. deck/ 4 oz. bottom

board tail

Flat rocker / pinched rails / spoon entry w/ single concave through fins/ rail to rail surfing when driven to the limit / perfect for waist high and up wave conditions.

Eric Christenson, working for and shaping side by side with Dick Brewer and Skip Frye. Greg Long winning the Eddie and Waterman of the Year, 5 XXL winners awarded on my boards, Tribute to the Masters contestant, 2 second place finishes in Reef Board Build Offs’,

More information at Icon of Surf

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