Q&A: Why Are The AKU Template Files So Different?

Q&A: Why Are The AKU Template Files So Different?


Why do the Aku files differ so strong by their shape from size to size ( for example the outline of the 5´3 simons compared to the 5´5 simons) ? does it has to be like that or are these all just different interpretations of the mini simmons ? And are the measurements of the thickness right ? A 5´5 board with 53 liters seems to me like a little bit too much ? or do mini simmons boards simply have to be like that ?


The AKU files and shapes differ because they are all different designs.

There are likely a million variations of the Mini Simmons design and thus the AKU files that we offer are simply a starting point to jump off into your own particular expression.

Mini Simmons shapes tend to have similar characteristics like being shorter than the average shortboard and wider than the average fish but beyond that there could be a myriad of alterations in the thickness, bottom contour, fin set-up, nose shape, tail shape, etc.

My best recommendation is: shape, ride, shape again.

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