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The Original Mini Simmons?

The Original Mini Simmons?.RG rode this at Lowers for a few years in the mid 70s, and a few sessions at big Tourmaline in the mid 90s.

At Lowers RG reports spending one frighteningly uncrowded summer morning trading waves with Herbie Fletcher, and each time he pulled out two sections further down the beach
than him.

Doyle checked out the shape in the water, right around the time he was developing the Morey Doyle boards.

Frye did the same one morning at Tourmo.

Seebold built the second one for RG.

So it’s real, and predates Bogus.

RG still has the Seebold version, but gave the original from the video to Seebold.

Stay tuned for more of the story . . .

Mini Simmons In The Media

Photo By Glenn Hampson

Mini Simmons In The Media

This article (see link below) published in Gold Coast News talks about the Mini Simmons and it’s come-back.

It starts, “AMATEUR surfers beware, these mini boards are not for the faint of heart.”

For anyone that has tried a Mini, well, you agree right.

Justin Fudge (is that his real name) who has been shaping the Mini Simmons since 2007  is interviewed and goes on to say,

“The challenge is that they are used differently to a normal board because on these you stand back to go fast and move forward to go slow which is the opposite of a normal board.”

Yea, I agree with that.

Read the article here

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