eBook Keel Nation Mini Simmons Surfboard Design

Keel-Nation-Mini-Simmons-Surfboard-DesignWelcome Mini Simmons Fans.

Did you know the Mini Simmons is becoming one of the most popular new shapes in surfing?

It is bro.

eBook Keel Nation Mini Simmons Surfboard Design

The eBook Keel Nation is an 80 page guide shapers guide to the Mini Simmons surfboard.

In this one-of-a-kind eBook you’ll find:

  • Historical Boards Roots
  • Design & Shaping Tips
  • Blanks, Hull Design and Rail Advice
  • Fin Talk with Actual Keel Recipe
  • Mini Twinzer
  • MIni Simmons Tail Shaping Advice
  • Resin Talk
  • Bio Resin Options
  • Links To Mini Shapers
  • Actual Keel Cut-out Template
  • Links to AKU Shaping Downloads

and much more . . .

Derek has been shaping and riding Mini Simmons surfboards since 2008, back when everyone thought he was riding a sawed-off longboard.

It is amazing how the shape has taken off and we are seeing lots of variations on the shape and some new names too, bar of soap anyone?

In this eBook you’ll lean about the history of the Mini Simmons surfboard and hopefully begin to understand why some many people are riding them.

Enjoy the book and check out our membership for a deeper study of the shape.

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