Matt Gahan is a genius of storytelling on film, who has profiled Donald Brink (linked above), the story of Vans shoes and even the process of aging as a surfer (my favorite).

Asymmetrical Surfboard Review

One of the things that can make surfing a frustrating endeavor is that we need to learn two different styles of riding: backside and front side. Almost without exception, every board in your local surf shop features boards designed on the assumption that we surf the same going right as we do going left. This is an unrealistic assumption. SurfScience wanted to learn more about asymmetrical surfboard designs that might enhance both our backhand and forehand surfing, instead of tailoring our experience to one or the other. If you are struggling to find a surfboard that suits your style for both backhand and forehand surfing, then perhaps it’s time to consider an asymmetrically shaped surfboard. You no longer need to adjust your surfing to a shape that is best designed for frontside turns when you really want to improve your backside surfing. Make sure you talk to your local shaper about this innovation in surfboard design and explore how it can improve your surfing performance.


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