Why aren't twinzers more popular? They have the skate of a twin and they are a bit of a quad, without too much of either.

6′ Redwood Deck Simster + Twinzer

Deck Simster + Twinzer. Why aren’t twinzers more popular?

They have the skate of a twin and they are a bit of a quad, without too much of either.

The distinction of the Twinzer fin pod is that they have two sets of rail fins regardless of the size. It is more free rail to rail than a quad and will surf vertically quite well.

The main driving rail fins are usually set back a couple of inches AFT from Thruster or Twin rail fin placement and the tail rocker on Twinzers is more relaxed.

The lead fin on a Twinzer is smaller than the trailer and acts very much like a canard cleaning up and channelling the water flow for the trailer so it won’t ventilate as much, thus making fin drive more positive.

I love them.

This one by Jake at JNS Boards in Nor Cal:

  • low nose rocker
  • very little tail rocker
  • single concave entry to vee out the tail
  • 6′ x 20″ x 3″ with an 18″ nose
  • this board should be fast and floaty



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