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Mini Wood in Ozzy Land

Mini Wood in Ozzy Land

Ozzy Land. I have been thinking a lot about wood lately.

Seems to keep coming up.

In the mags, in my mind, with my bros.


I like wood and I like the idea of Minis made from wood.

There is that whole flex argument with wood, but how much flex do you need from a Mini Simmons.

It seems to me the perfect shape for using wood.

I came across the work of Mr. Grey, a furniture maker and hollow wood surfboard shaper. He uses a mix of Western Red Cedar, Balsa and Paulownia. He also glasses with epoxy resin which he states “has less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than polyester and is 30% stronger.”

Here is a beautiful example of a 5’6″ Mini Simmons by Mr Grey in Ozzy land.

  • Paulownia and red cedar
  • Hull entry blending to rolled V
  • Blending into channels

For more info see Nataniel Grey.